Eye Brow Artistry

Misty Eye Brow $480

Misty Brows has the benefit of enhancing your face, enhancing your facial structure and contour. It can complement your skin tone and facial expressions. Your eyebrows will always look impeccable, so you don’t need to worry about eyebrow makeup. Perfect beauty does the best eyebrow embroidery in Bedok

Refined Eyeliner $388

Refined eyeliner application enhances the eye shape, creating an open eye look, adding poise and elegance. It can also save a lot of time during your makeup application, and those who are never good with their eye lining pencils.

Korean lash perm. $68

Korean lash perm is the answer to bigger and brighter eyes. It is a treatment that results in the lashes being semi-permanently curled and lifted for weeks through winding the hairs around a cylindrical rod.