Facial Salon in Singapore Vs Covid-19

The life we had before the Covid-19 pandemic was quite different from our current life. Everything is changed, our way of living, social lives, educational system, and working environments. Nothing is like it used to be. We have evolved in this pandemic; we have learned to live with Covid-19. 

We have learned that to survive through Covid-19, we have to follow precautions and social distancing. Almost all businesses remained closed during the locked downs, but now governments have allowed businesses to open under some rules and regulations. Salons are also open now, but precautions have to be followed.

We know you have missed those relaxing and rejuvenating facials and grooming services. Now you can enjoy them again in Singapore but by following precautions. If you are looking for a facial salon for a facial in Singapore that strictly follows the precautions for Covid-19, then Perfect Beauty Bedok should be your choice. It’s the best facial salon Singapore has, and it is safe to visit. We have listed down the precautions that every salon should follow. This list will help you choose which salon is safe to visit for a facial in Singapore. 

Practice The Use of Mask:

Masks are the most facilitating barrier that has helped in prevention from Covid-19. Masks help in stopping infected respiratory droplets. Salons should practice the use of masks strictly. It should be a must for the staff and customers to use masks. Customers have to take off their masks for some services, like facials, but the beautician should be responsible enough never to take off her mask during the service. The staff should also wear gloves when the service permits, and they should change new gloves before dealing with the next customer. 

Availability of Hand Sanitizer:

You cannot avoid physical touch in a salon, so it is wise to use a hand sanitiser repeatedly. A salon should provide hand sanitisers to its staff and customers. Especially at the entrance, sanitiser should be readily available. Touch is inevitable when payment is made through cash or credit card, so sanitiser at the cash counter is compulsory.

Whenever you feel that you have touched any surface or any person that can be dangerous for you, use sanitiser immediately. Sanitisers help fight with Covid-19 as most germs are transferred through touch. 

Cleanliness and Sterilisation:

Cleanliness is always on point with good facial salons, and now, during this pandemic, the importance of cleanliness has increased remarkably. Each and everything that the salon is using must be sterilised to give customers the feeling of safety. In addition, the salon should do deep cleaning of its entire area regularly. A good salon will keep its customers updated on keeping their space clean and free from germs and infections. 

It is an excellent practice to ask your beautician whether the tools she will use are sterilised or not. You should also check whether the chair you will sit in is clean or not. Such little things help in keeping Covid-19 in control.

Sick Staff Should Stay at Home:

It is challenging to distinguish between coronavirus and a simple cold. If any of the salon staff members are not feeling well, the salon should give that person sick leaves. The affected staff should not return to work until they feel completely healthy.

Vaccinated Staff:

The salon staff should be vaccinated. For the well-being of our society, the salon must check its client’s vaccination through the TRACETOGETHER app. If any customers are not vaccinated, the salon should reject treating that customer. One unvaccinated customer can put all the staff and customers in danger. 

Offers Pre-Booking:

Social distancing is vital during this pandemic. Therefore, when looking for a facial salon in Singapore, look for a place that offers the facility of appointment. In this way, you can avoid the waiting area and minimise your social interaction. In addition, a salon that accepts appointments thru WhatsApp is the new way to get an appointment fixed. 

A Well-Designed Waiting Area:

Waiting Area should be suspended during the pandemic from salons as it gets very crowded, which risk coronavirus transmission. If still, the salon has a waiting area, then it should be well-designed. If the salon has clients by appointment, the problem is solved independently. The salon should be arranged so that it doesn’t get crowded at any point. 

Removes Unnecessary Items and Fixtures:

If the salon has many items and fixtures that are not necessary, then it should remove them. Non-essential items like magazines, testers, and candy dishes be removed to avoid unnecessary touch. Less contact is better in this crucial time when we are fighting a pandemic. 

Good Ventilation:

As we know, coronavirus spreads more in congested areas with less ventilation. Therefore, the salon you will choose for a facial in Singapore should have a sound ventilation system. A well-ventilated salon is a better option for you to choose to pamper yourself. A congested and crowded place is never a good option to visit in Covid-19.

Perfect Beauty – Bedok takes sanitation seriously.

Choose Your Salon Wisely:

We know you are thriving to go out and visit your favourite facial salon in Singapore. But your health and safety are also very significant. So before choosing a salon for yourself:

  1. Check that place in detail if it is safe to visit or not. It would be best if you only chose to go to the salons following all the precautions related to Covid-19.
  2.  Don’t hesitate to ask the salon’s managerial staff how they are coping with the current situation.
  3.  Once you have complete peace of mind, then make an appointment for yourself and enjoy

Why Should You Visit A Salon For Jade Facial?

It is undoubtedly a great habit to take care of your skin at home, but it is not enough. On and off, you need the help of an expert who can understand your skin problems and resolve them as well. In addition to that, you cannot reap jade facial roller benefits by just rolling a jade roller haphazardly on the face. At Perfect Beauty Bedok, our team of skilled therapists are trained under a TCM practitioner to handle the jade rollers expertly, hitting all the correct nodes. In addition, the jade facial roller is not the typical rod shape with a roller at the end. Instead, the professional jade massagers are made of high-grade white jade, honed into two flat smooth discs that ensure maximum contact with the face as we glide the jade across the face symmetrically. 

2 jade rollers

What are the benefits of Jade Facial?

Cell Renewal:

The accumulation of dead cells makes our skin look dull and sallow. Jade Facial speeds up the skin’s cell renewal process. This cell renewal keeps your skin healthy and helps in making it look youthful for a long time. 


Our skin suffers from many pollutants in the environment. Dirt, germs, and sweat are trapped in our pores, leading to acne and breakouts. If these are not cleaned properly, you will suffer from skin irritations.

It would help with a regular deep cleansing to get these impurities out of your skin. Through Jade Facial, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly. Once your skin is clean and clear from impurities, it will be illuminant like the moon. 


The secret to healthy skin lies in hydration. Well-hydrated skin appears soft, supple, and dewy. Unfortunately, the external environment, pollution, and age disturb the hydration of our skin. The powerful nutrients in the Jade Facial help bring up your skin’s hydration level. 

 You will notice that most of your skin problems will be gone just with the help of hydration. One added advantage of having well-moisturized skin is that every makeup will glide effortlessly, and you will look fabulous. 


Age is never kind to the skin. You will notice that your wrinkles, fine lines and laxity increase with every passing year. It’s tough to reverse the signs of ageing, but Jade Facial, with its magical properties, improves the texture of your skin remarkably. Your skin’s elasticity is improved, which helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets dark spots to minimize their appearance. 

Promotes Circulation:

Jade facial promotes lymphatic drainage, which eliminates impurities from the lymph nodes. As a result, micro-circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin; with an accurate lymphatic drainage technique, swelling and puffiness caused by water retention will be resolved. As a result, your face will look firm and young. 

Deep Relaxation:

Are you tired and exhausted from your daily routine? Then, it would be best if you had a break to pamper yourself. What can be more relaxing than a holistic facial? Jade Facial’s protocol includes a double massage to rejuvenate your mind and body, reaping the jade roller benefits.

 Our beauticians are proficiently trained to give the best massages in Singapore. After having Jade Facial from Perfect Beauty, you will feel the new positive energy flowing through your body. This deep relaxation will prepare you for the next challenging days of your life. 

If you want to treat your skin with the best facial in Singapore, Jade Facial is the right choice. Jade roller benefits help in keeping your skin young, fresh and healthy. Jade Facial is also famous for eliminating the signs of ageing because of its healing properties. So book your appointment right now at Perfect Beauty Bedok to have the mystic benefits of Jade Facial!