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How Acne Affects Mental Health

What is that one skin condition that all of us face in our lives that eradicates our joy and peace of mind? Yes, you are thinking right! It is acne. Acne is a condition that doesn’t only affect our look; instead, it causes social and psychological effects too. Almost people from all age groups suffer from acne, but it is widespread among teenagers. According to a survey, around 85% of people develop acne between the ages of 12 to 25.
Acne can tremendously affect the mental health of the person suffering from it, especially young people who take it more seriously than others. As a result, they may start isolating themselves from their peers. Coupling acne with school stress and social issues, some young people develop depression. Acne makes people feel socially awkward and think they are undesirable, especially when they make insensitive comments and offer their advice in public.
Facial treatments can help treat acne; seeking treatment as soon as breakouts start happening makes a big difference. Perfect Beauty Bedok is the ideal place to get rid of your acne if you are looking for acne treatments in Singapore. Read on to know more about how acne affects mental health and how you can cope.

Effects of Acne and Acne Scars on Mental Health:

Acne can make a person’s life miserable. Following are some of the feelings and issues people feel when they develop acne.

Low Self-Esteem:

People who suffer from acne feel embarrassed about how they look. They avoid looking people in the eye and lose their confidence. Acne becomes a reason for low self-esteem. Girls try to hide their acne with a lot of makeup which worsens the situation. Some boys grow their hair long to hide their acne. So we can understand that patients with acne feel embarrassed about it and want to hide it in some way or another. 

Social Withdrawal:

Teenagers with acne often receive cruel comments from their peers, which shatters their confidence. They start avoiding social gatherings where they have to face people. They become reluctant to make new friends and relationships because they fear that people will not like them because of their appearance. 

Teenage is a crucial part of life; youngsters are emotionally more sensitive at this time, and unpleasant memories of this age can linger. Therefore, parents of such teenagers should be mindful of the situation and look for early acne treatments for their teens, and it is much easier to treat breakouts than acne scars. A good facial treatment can be beneficial in treating acne, hasten recovery and significantly reduce the chances of leaving deep pitted scars.

Impact on Education and Work:

Youths affected by acne can be less than eager to be in school, which affects their learning progress over the long term. Due to poor academic performance, they have to face more criticism, eventually damaging their mental health. They also avoid co-curricular activities and stay isolated. Some young boys have the problem of body acne, and they stay away from sports activities because they feel shy to wear sportswear.

Acne also affects the work-life of adults. People with acne don’t feel confident in their workplace and avoid communicating with their colleagues. As a result, acne can decrease career choices as there are many jobs in which personal appearance counts. In addition, such conditions can develop depression among people who have acne. Therefore, we should support a person with acne instead of making judgments and help them fight it. 

Some Lifestyle changes are needed. 

Now we understand how acne affects the mood and dampens the spirits of the person suffering from it, but there is always a ray of hope to recover from it. Furthermore, acne is easier to treat than many thinks. You can control acne from reaching its severity by taking early steps for effective skincare. 

  • A simple skincare routine consisting of a suitable cleanser, clarifying lotion, light moisturizer and pimple cream helps with acne. Keep your skin clean and avoid touching your pimples. 
  • Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated also helps in clearing the skin. 
  • Sleep well and try to reduce your stress level with the help of light exercise or yoga. 
  • Always wear sunscreen to avoid harsh UV rays. Keep your skin moisturized to strengthen the skin barrier. 

Perfect Beauty Bedok offers reliable acne treatments in Singapore that have helped people suffering from acne. Perfect Beauty- Bedok is one of the official SkinOrigins facial salons in Singapore, offering an entire repertoire of SkinOrigin Treatments that are popular worldwide for their immense benefits to the skin. 

SkinOrigins Epi Enhance Treatment

Perfect Beauty offers SkinOrigins Epi Enhance Treatment for Acne. This facial treatment is specially designed for acne-prone skin.

SkinOrigins is from the USA; their famous patented ingredient is Penta Peptides. Peptides are excellent communicators that send signals to the skin cell layers to function optimally. A Penta peptide is a chain of five amino acid molecules. Penta peptide encourages the production of collagen IV and hyaluronic acid synthesis, thus increasing overall collagen production.  

  • It is anti-microbial and helps kill bacteria and fungi causing acne, which is the root cause of acne. 
  • Penta Peptides help prevent and heal acne scars by accelerating repair, stimulating the deep matrix layers of the skin and helping the skin heal wounds faster. 
  •  They also soothe the skin by reducing inflammation.
  • They penetrate deep into the skin and increase cell renewal speed, producing more collagen and elastin, which help build the skin’s strength and health. 

 It helps SkinOrigins Epi Enhance Treatment strengthen the epidermal structure of the skin, which is weakened by acne. The nourishing ingredients in this treatment restore the transepidermal water loss and create a protective barrier against harmful external factors such as bacteria and other pollutants responsible for acne. It also helps prevent the formation of scars.

You will notice that your complexion will become glowing and radiant. 

Summing Up:

Doubtless, acne has become a social stigma and has unpleasant effects on mental health. But you should not lose hope if you suffer from this problem as it is easily curable. If you find it hard to deal with acne yourself, then you should book your appointment at Perfect Beauty Bedok, as we can help you eliminate it!