Eye Brow Artistry Misty Eye Brow $480

Eyebrow artistry in the form of eyebrow embroidery Bedok has saved women a lot of time in the morning. From eyebrow shaping to eyebrow embroidery, the art of brows has come a long way. There is a wider variety and selections in colors, pigments, tones, and shades in modern times. New formulas and innovations have enabled eyebrow embroidery to be more precise by lasting longer and providing a natural finish. New and advanced techniques have allowed Perfect Beauty- Bedok to deliver bespoke to nearly perfect results for individual eyebrows.

Misty Brows technique in eyebrow embroidery Bedok are the game-changer. This advanced technique is the best and latest practice for the perfect natural and structured brows. The misty eyebrow technique follows a strict protocol and guideline to ensure one hundred percent safety, hygiene and practical application. After an intricate consultation with your artist, you will both come to an understanding of your desired results, procedure and finish for your brows.

At Perfect Beauty, we adhere to hygiene and safety regulations to ensure your safety. The artist will sanitise, disinfect, and cleanse the skin- this removes makeup and impurities and prepares a clean working canvas.

Starting with a clean canvas, the artist will measure the brows and draw lines and points (using a skin pencil) to create a symmetrical outline for your brows. We will ensure that the shape and structure meet your standards. Afterwards, an anaesthetic cream is applied on the brows for thirty minutes to numb the area- this prevents intense sensation and minimises the effect of pain. The artist will use misty brows techniques with a microblading pen to deliver bespoke results to meet your expected finish. Misty eyebrow technique uses the most delicate strokes that takes time and expertise to accomplish. Using high-quality products and pigments ensures a natural, elegant eyebrow shape. Misty Brows has the benefit of enhancing your face, enhancing your facial structure and contour. It can complement your skin tone and facial expressions. Your brows will always look impeccable, so you don’t need to worry about eyebrow makeup. They are super long-lasting, maybe up to 2 years. It can reduce the amount of time getting ready in the morning. Most importantly, misty brows can boost your confidence and maybe your luck too.