A man troubled by skin tags issues

What are skin tags? How much is skin tag removal in Singapore? How is it done? What is true and myth?

Skin tags are benign pieces of flesh connected with the underlying skin by a thin stalk. The medical term for skin tags is acrochordons or fibroepithelial polyps (FEP). If we talk about the appearance of skin tags, they look like hanging skin. Therefore, skin Tag removal in Singapore is a sought-after service.
According to a survey, almost 50% of people develop skin tags during their lifetime. But pregnancy, obesity, and diabetes are some of the reasons that accelerate the growth of skin tags on an individual. In addition, aged people are more likely to develop skin tags than young people.
Skin tags are almost harmless, but they can disturb you by affecting your overall appearance. Most people get them removed due to aesthetic reasons, but there are a lot of myths attached to skin tags that scare people. In reality, there is no sound ground behind those myths. Read on if you want to bust these myths and have some good advice related to skin tag removal.

If You Have Skin Tags, You Have Cancer:

There is a big misconception that if you have skin tags, then there are high chances that you may also have cancer. That is so not true! Skin tags are benign, and you don’t have to be scared if you develop them on your skin.

There are rare cases in which skin tags require medical attention. If you notice that your skin tag is bleeding, itching or changing colour, we advise that you consult with a medical professional to avoid any big trouble.

Once You Have Skin Tags, You Are Stuck With Them:

Some people may tell you that once you develop skin tags, you can’t get rid of them, but that is not true. Several options are available to remove skin tags in Singapore, for example, home remedies, freezing kits and surgical procedures. You can discuss these options for skin tag removal with your dermatologist for better guidance.

Also, skin tags are more common among obese and diabetic people. So, taking good care of your health and keeping your weight in check can be beneficial in reducing the growth of skin tags on your body.

Skin Tags Are Contagious:   

There is no point in staying away from your loved ones just because they have skin tags. Skin tags are not contagious, and you will not get them by touching a person who has them. But genetics can play a role in developing skin tags. So if your family members have skin tags, then there are chances that you will also have them at some point in life.

Removing A Skin Tag Will Cause More To Grow:

It is one of the worst myths about skin tags! Because of this myth, many people don’t go for skin tag removal, no matter how much they are annoyed by their skin tags. The truth is one skin tag has nothing to do with another. Therefore, if you want to remove your skin tag, there is no harm in it.

All Growths That Are Sticking Out Are Skin Tags:

Any growth sticking out from your body is not always a skin tag. Many other things resemble skin tags like moles, seborrheic keratosis, genital warts or extension of glands on the skin. We know this information can be very confusing for you, so we advise that if you notice any growth on your skin, and it is pigmented or painful, then it is better to consult with a dermatologist.

Skin Tags Represent Uncleanliness:

We know that skin tags look pretty repulsive, but they have nothing to do with the hygienic habits of the person suffering from them. Many skin problems develop as a result of uncleanliness, but that is not true in the case of skin tags. They can grow on any individual irrespective of his hygienic state.

Creams Can Remove Skin Tags:

Many people often wonder how much is removal of skin tags in Singapore. Imagining that it is an expensive service, they go for over-the-counter creams in Watsons or other retail shops. Most claim they can treat skin tags, but the reality is not as they describe. Until now, we don’t know any cream or lotion that remove skin tag in Singapore. Most are attractively packaged, but it either takes a long time to work or not at all. The topical application for skin tag removal is also messy staining clothes. Topical applications like creams from Watsons can spread to surrounding healthy skin and may cost dryness or adverse reaction. If you want to remove your skin tags, you will have to look for other options that work in real.

You Can Remove Skin Tags At Home:

Skin tags have tiny blood vessels connected to them. That is why dermatologists strictly prohibit people from removing them at home. You may think they are benign, and there is nothing wrong in trying to remove them yourself. But this experiment can be a disaster, and you may suffer from heavy bleeding and infection. So always look for professional help if you want to remove skin tags.

Best Solution For Skin Tags – Electrolysis By Perfect Beauty Bedok:

Perfect Beauty Bedok offers the best solution for skin tags in Singapore. We use electrolysis to remove skin tags safely without causing you any pain. The main benefit of choosing this option is that it is much cheaper than the laser treatment used by doctors to remove skin tags. In addition, our professional team ensures your maximum comfort and delivers successful results. Let’s discuss how we perform electrolysis at Perfect Beauty Bedok to remove the annoying skin tags that are bothering you.

  • We first cleanse the affected area thoroughly. If skin tags are on the face, we highly recommend the client do an exfoliating peel first to aid the topical anaesthesia to absorb better, making the treatment much more comfortable. 
  • Topical anaesthesia is applied.
  • Using an electric probe skin tag is cauterized.

Electrolysis takes only a few minutes, and it is almost painless. After the procedure, you might feel stinging while washing your face on the first day, but this feeling will eventually go. Sometimes, scabs develop on the treated area, but within days they will fall off. We advise that you don’t touch the treated area and keep it clean to avoid infections.

Skin tags are painless and harmless tiny flaps of skin and fat, but they have many myths. If they still bother you by changing your appearance. If you wonder how much is the removal of skin tags in Singapore, Perfect Beauty Bedok offers a safe, cheap and painless procedure to remove them, and they have 20 years of experience in removing skin tags. So book your appointment right away!