At What Age Should You Start Doing A Monthly Facial?

The Ideal Age

Many experts believe that starting to care for your skin with facials around 14 is the best time. That is when the skin begins to change, and blackheads, whitehead bumps, and acne appear then visit us for a cleansing facial in Bedok. While it may happen sooner or later for some teenagers, puberty is a good starting point.

It is best to start treating acne issues once they appear; instead of waiting for them to be full-blown, some parents worry about ‘side effects’ from facial; nothing is further than the truth. There are no side effects of a cleansing facial. 

A cleansing facial is beneficial to people of all ages because it cleans out the pores. However, when young teenagers begin good skincare habits, they will stay with them throughout their lives.  There is no set minimum age for someone to get a facial. However, a cleansing facial can help imbalances due to hormonal changes and the release of excess oil. Deep cleansing the face improves and rejuvenates the health and appearance of the skin. Even if the teen does not do sophisticated machine face treatments, they will benefit from thorough cleaning sessions.

As we have discussed, there is no set age; everyone at any age can benefit from a monthly facial; here are the reasons why:

  1. A thorough cleansing is the recommended course of action. Cleansing the facial skin is imperative and must be practised every morning and evening by everyone. Cleansing is the first step that removes dirt, impurities, makeup residue and excess sebum production. It is the foundation of a complete skincare routine. Cleansing ensures the skin is clean, healthy and hygienic before proceeding to moisturise. 

2. A meticulous deep detox keeps the skin in good condition. The skin produces blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, clogged pores through congestion. It can be caused by skin exposure to environmental stressors like pollution and UV exposure and not having a decent skincare routine or monthly facial. A deep detox helps exfoliate and slough away congested pores and dead skin cells, encouraging healthier and smoother skin for all.

3. A hydration booster is always recommended. A monthly facial maintains the skin condition by replenishing the skin’s lost moisture. Professional-grade products are used during facials to feed, nourish and supply your skin. In addition, bespoke facials are specifically personalized to your skin to make sure you have the best results and efficacy.

Indeed, a facial monthly is recommended. The reason being our skin needs that added ‘boost’ to supply it with active ingredients that we may not have at home. Especially with blackhead and pimple extractions, this cannot be performed at home as there is a risk of infection and scarring. However, at the hands of expert beauty therapists, your skin will be in excellent condition quickly. Remember, it is never too late or too early to have a facial. Also, a monthly cleansing facial in Bedok keeps the skin healthy and happy, with you looking radiant and bright

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