Why Peptides Are The CEO Of All Skincare Ingredients?

Why Peptides Are The CEO Of All Skincare Ingredients?

Yes, it is correct- peptides are the CEO of all skincare ingredients. Why? They are known as “the commander of the skin”; they communicate and commands the skin tissues to wake up on their job. Peptides are also one of the most talked-about ingredients in the field of anti-aging skincare, their phenomenal performance on the skin. For the SkinOrigin Salon Singapore, Perfect Beauty- Bedok; the top choice is definitely SKINORIGIN, the biomedical skincare range. The core of SKINORIGIN ingredients is Penta Peptides. It is a chain of five amino acids that works at the cellular level and transforms skin.

Peptides are short chains of amino acids used to construct proteins, including collagen, elastin, and keratin. These proteins provide the basis for the skin’s texture, strength, and resilience. As a result, our skin is less intact without peptides, which can result in a loss of firmness, the development of wrinkles, a change in texture, and less “bounce.”

Peptides operate as “tiny messengers” when given topically to the skin, activating skin cells to execute specific jobs such as producing collagen and elastin, causing the skin to appear and behave younger. According to extensive scientific research, peptides have been proven to help the skin on multiple levels, including firming, soothing, and hydrating it.

When the skin is exposed to peptides, this helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles significantly. In addition, its ability to strengthen and construct collagen fibres encourages cellular renewal and reverses fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin becomes firmer and tighter by reducing sagging and loose skin. In addition, its ability to strengthen and increase elastin fibres stimulates skin rejuvenation to make the skin look firmer and tauter.

The improved skin barrier is enhanced as peptides help to build a more substantial barrier. Daily, the skin barrier is exposed to many harmful environments like pollution and UV exposure. Peptides can also strengthen and repair damaged skin cells watch video

Some peptides are anti-microbial, which are also known as AMP. They can kill bacteria and fungi, which are great for skin types with problematic and acne-prone skin. It effectively helps to clear congestion and pimples whilst reducing inflammation.

With regular use of peptides, the complexion of the skin is visibly improved. Peptides can alleviate inflammation, repair damaged skin caused by UV exposure and manual damage, even out the skin tone and boosts clarity.

Peptides can penetrate the skin’s outer layer, allowing them to sink deeper into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. In addition, they act as messengers for the other cells, sending signals instructing them to produce collagen and elastin.

Peptides are the go-to active ingredient to treat signs of ageing. It works from within, strengthening and boosting collagen and elastin fibres, the skin becomes more youthful, radiant and resilient.

Serums and concentrates are the best formulas to use on the skin when it comes to peptides. The high potency and concentration levels enable the skin to receive the best quality of the

peptide and gain optimal results. But it is always advised to follow therapist recommendations. Please visit the SkinOrigin salon Singapore for more information about peptides and what it can do for your complexion

Why Should You Visit A Salon For Jade Facial?

It is undoubtedly a great habit to take care of your skin at home, but it is not enough. On and off, you need the help of an expert who can understand your skin problems and resolve them as well. In addition to that, you cannot reap jade facial roller benefits by just rolling a jade roller haphazardly on the face. At Perfect Beauty Bedok, our team of skilled therapists are trained under a TCM practitioner to handle the jade rollers expertly, hitting all the correct nodes. In addition, the jade facial roller is not the typical rod shape with a roller at the end. Instead, the professional jade massagers are made of high-grade white jade, honed into two flat smooth discs that ensure maximum contact with the face as we glide the jade across the face symmetrically. 

2 jade rollers

What are the benefits of Jade Facial?

Cell Renewal:

The accumulation of dead cells makes our skin look dull and sallow. Jade Facial speeds up the skin’s cell renewal process. This cell renewal keeps your skin healthy and helps in making it look youthful for a long time. 


Our skin suffers from many pollutants in the environment. Dirt, germs, and sweat are trapped in our pores, leading to acne and breakouts. If these are not cleaned properly, you will suffer from skin irritations.

It would help with a regular deep cleansing to get these impurities out of your skin. Through Jade Facial, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly. Once your skin is clean and clear from impurities, it will be illuminant like the moon. 


The secret to healthy skin lies in hydration. Well-hydrated skin appears soft, supple, and dewy. Unfortunately, the external environment, pollution, and age disturb the hydration of our skin. The powerful nutrients in the Jade Facial help bring up your skin’s hydration level. 

 You will notice that most of your skin problems will be gone just with the help of hydration. One added advantage of having well-moisturized skin is that every makeup will glide effortlessly, and you will look fabulous. 


Age is never kind to the skin. You will notice that your wrinkles, fine lines and laxity increase with every passing year. It’s tough to reverse the signs of ageing, but Jade Facial, with its magical properties, improves the texture of your skin remarkably. Your skin’s elasticity is improved, which helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets dark spots to minimize their appearance. 

Promotes Circulation:

Jade facial promotes lymphatic drainage, which eliminates impurities from the lymph nodes. As a result, micro-circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin; with an accurate lymphatic drainage technique, swelling and puffiness caused by water retention will be resolved. As a result, your face will look firm and young. 

Deep Relaxation:

Are you tired and exhausted from your daily routine? Then, it would be best if you had a break to pamper yourself. What can be more relaxing than a holistic facial? Jade Facial’s protocol includes a double massage to rejuvenate your mind and body, reaping the jade roller benefits.

 Our beauticians are proficiently trained to give the best massages in Singapore. After having Jade Facial from Perfect Beauty, you will feel the new positive energy flowing through your body. This deep relaxation will prepare you for the next challenging days of your life. 

If you want to treat your skin with the best facial in Singapore, Jade Facial is the right choice. Jade roller benefits help in keeping your skin young, fresh and healthy. Jade Facial is also famous for eliminating the signs of ageing because of its healing properties. So book your appointment right now at Perfect Beauty Bedok to have the mystic benefits of Jade Facial!